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Responsive Web Design & Freelancing

Web design means creating websites with a user-friendly structure and aesthetic approach. Web designers always think about layout, color schemes, and unique website designs. But their task does not end there. They also work hard to create a user-friendly navigation system. They also need to rank their sites, and for that, they need to complete some SEO tasks as well. In short, a web designer can be labeled as an interface designer or an experienced designer. A web designer needs to develop an interface that is user-friendly, attractive, and user-friendly.

Course Module

  • Discussion about total course outline.
  • Basic concept of a website.
  • Domain and Hosting.
  • Difference between Web Design and Web
  • Discussion about Static and Dynamic Website.
  • Web Design Tools and software.

  • What is HTML?
  • HTML Syntax.
  • HTML Tags and Attribute.
  • Difference between Single and Double Tag.
  • Difference between Inline Element and Block
    level Element.
  • Heading Tag, Paragraph Tag, Button Tag, Text
    Formatting Tag, Break Tag.
  • HTML Comment.
  • Using icon in website.
  • Marquee Tag.
  • Anchor Tag.
  • Iframe Tag.
  • Adding video and audio.
  • Text direction and alignment.
  • Discussion about list.
  • Discussion about form page.
  • Creating a simple form page.

  • What is Table?
  • How to Design a simple Table?
  • Including document or any text in the Table.
  • Limitation of Table.
  • Creating a Nested Table to exceed the
  • How to create a simple landing page using
    nested table?

  • Discussion about CSS.
  • CSS Syntax.
  • Types of CSS:
    1. Inline CSS.
    2. Internal CSS.
    3. External CSS.
  • CSS Power.
  • Which types of CSS we will use and why?
  • Introduction with Div, Class and Id.
  • CSS Comment.

  • Discussion about text color background color.
  • Discussion about height, Width and background
  • Discussion about Margin, padding and outline.
  • Using background image for a section.
  • Discussion about font Property.
  • Using google font.
  • Using custom font.
  • Make a paragraph using Bangla font.

  • Dividing Row and Column.
  • Creating a simple menu bar.
  • CSS Position property.
  • Giving priority of any document.

  •  Dropdown Menu.
  • CSS Transform and Transition property.
  • Browser Compatibility.
  • CSS Pseudo Element.
  • Form customization using CSS.
  • Before and after property.
  • CSS Animation.

  • Using Photoshop for knowing about PSD
  • Using Toolbar of Photoshop.
  • Rectangular Marquee Tool.
  • Text Tool.
  • Shape Tool.
  • Image Tool.
  • How to Save any image for building any
  • PSD to HTML Landing page design.

  • Discussion about JavaScript
  • Syntax of JavaScript
  • Some basic work with JavaScript

  • Discussion about jQuery
  • Syntax of JavaScript
  • Some basic work with jQuery
  • Slider Creation using jQuery Plugin
  • Venobox, Lightbox & Filter Creation using jQuery Plugin

  • Basic Discussion about Bootstrap
  • Use f Bootstrap
  • Responsive Site Creation using Bootstrap

  • ThemeForest
  • Fiverr